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Business Owners

A large proportion of our clients are individuals who have built a business up over a number of years, act as Managing Director and who would like to sell the business to acheive both financial and personal goals.

Many share the same initial concerns of cost, confidentiality, the ability to acheive their goals and an unwillingness to waste valuable management time and energy unnecesarily.

Cost – Our fee structure is based on success only.

Confidentiality – We run the sale process to allow you to run your business but you are in control of the process. Sale strategies can be adjusted according to the level of confidentiality issues and no contact will be made to a potential buyer (even on a no-names basis) without your authorisation.

Achievability –  Before any commitment on your part we will spend a considerable amount of time detailing appropriate exit routes, potential buyers and most importantly  applying appropriate valuation criteria. From this you can gauge the likely success of a transaction before committing valuable management time.

Typically a company sale takes a minimum of six months from appointment to completion. We will lead the transaction from start to finish including the finalisation of any post-sale obligations such as earn outs and performance bonuses which may become due over 12 months post sale.

Should their be any significant changes to the business or your goals during the sale process you are not obliged to continue.

If you would like to discuss a potential sale or any other transaction please contact Henry or Bill on 01636 636132 or email confidential@eastwoodanglo.com. If you would prefer you can contact us via our contact page and leave a telephone number and time of day or evening that is convenient to you.

Other Services

As well as using using Eastwood Anglo to help acquire companies or raise funding many clients create a dialogue with us so when opportunities such as businesses in administration or acquisition activity in their industry arises we can advise them promptly.